Before you can run through your perfect morning routine, you actually have to wake up. This may be the hardest part of getting the most out of your day. As I was looking through hundreds of blog posts, books, and podcasts about morning routines, the one app I saw mentioned the most was Sleep Cycle (

It is available for both iOS and Android.

How Does Sleep Cyle Work?

As you sleep, your body goes therougha series of natural rythms. Sometimes you are deep asleep, and other times you are almost wake. Sleep Cycle tracks your sleeping patters using the phone’s built in microphone – no longer do you have to put the phone in the bed with you (although this is an option).

You set a wake up time and the app figures out the best time to wake you so that you are not jolted out of a deep, deep sleep. It takes a few nights to learn your patters but it works great.

Also the app provides a graphical view of how your night’s sleep went. The first thing I do every morning is to take a look at this graph!

Sleep Cycle app display

Do You Snore?

If you are not sure, or just don’t beleiveyour partner, Sleep Cycle can help with this as well. The app tracks how often you snore and even records you snoring so you can hear what all the fus is about!

Lots of Features

On top of all that the app has a lot of other features:

  • A ton of built-in alarm sounds that gradually get louder
  • A way to connect to your music so you can awake to your favorite song
  • If you prefer to use light rather than sound t wake up the app can control a Philips Hue light
  • Intelligent snooze that lets you snooze during wake up and adjust the snooze interval to get shorter and shorter.
  • Or you can manually set the time of your snooze cycle.
  • You can even begin to see how your sleep is affected by the weather of phases of the moon.

Sleep Cycle is currently how I kick off my morning routine.