Most of us don’t realize how much we live in our own head. Our self-doubts, criticisms, petty grips, annoyances, minor injuries to your spirit all circle around all day and get in the way of getting things done and being creative.

Writing what author Julia Cameron called “Morning Pages” in her 1992 book, The Artists Way is a great way to get these thoughts out of your head and onto paper. Once they are out on paper it’s amazing how free you are to move on with your day and get things done without these negative voices popping up all the time. Practitioners almost all agree that this need to be done first thing upon waking, written by hand, and keep writing until you’ve written about 750 words – or about three handwritten pages.

The list of people who swear by the practice long and impressive. The process is described in her book and there is also a journal that has been custom designed to support the idea of morning pages.